Eric S. Kim

Research Scientist at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health



Statistical Methods

Trying to learn a statistical method? This UCLA website vetted books on a range of topics and is great place to find high-quality text on various statistical methods: Also, this VA website has many great webinars about various statistical methods:

Are you trying to determine which statistical test might be the best one to answer your question of interest? Check out this website:


Journal Articles

Looking for potential journals you can send your study to? Try checking out these databases described here:

Looking for scientific papers? This free website tries to make as many papers as possible available to the public, especially for people without University access to scientific studies. Read more about it here:


Data on Aging

Looking for a dataset on aging? NIA has several that they feature on their website:

Looking for general statistic about older adults? Try out this CDC website: and this AARP website:



Interested in learning more about academic productivity? This website interviews several academics and their productivity habits:

Want to try out a free website where you can hear noises from nature as you work (e.g,. wind, rain, water streams, etc)? I think it's increased my productivity but I haven't tested this hypothesis yet:

Interested in trying to block out distracting websites (e.g., facebook, news websites, etc) during the workday? Try this app on google chrome:


General Career Advice

Want to learn more about potential career paths? This team at Oxford put together a great list of exercises and materials you can work through to help learn how to leverage your skills for the greater good:

Interested in reading a book that may help you rethink how to spend the limited numbers of hours you have on this Earth for the maximum benefit of society? Consider reading this book:


Mental Health

Looking for a therapist? This is a great place to start looking for high quality therapists who specialize in depression and anxiety:

Here are some other helpful phone lines:

Depression hotline (depression and depressive feelings) - 888-379-3372

National Domestic Violence Hotline (Spouse abuse, child abuse, or any other form of family violence) - 800-787-3224

National Organization for Victim Assistance (Victims and witnesses of crimes) – 800-879-6682

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (Suicide crisis and education) – 800-273-8255